Adoption of Biometric Registration of Vehicles to Aid Investigations

A statement from Force Public Relations officer, CSP Frank Mba;

“The Police BCMR are designed to be used for forensic analysis.  Fingerprints can be matched or verified against registered finger prints collected during registration.

“It is designed to match 20 million fingerprints per seconds (the speed depends on the size of registered prints) 20 million fingerprints is equivalent to 2 million people (10 prints per person).

“Facial matching can also be achieved with Police BCMR; our database can be matched with steel pictures and frames from a video stream.  The system can match 500,000 pictures per minute (if you have a registered database of 150 million, the likely match time for facial recognition is about 300 minutes (5hrs).

“As a huge store of information, the BCMR will provide a one-stop information data-base for all vehicle owners and serve as a strong forensic base for all manners of investigations which will greatly enhance policing operations.

“This will be done particularly in the area of tracking down and locating positions of missing vehicles, preventing crimes, arresting criminals guaranteeing safer and a more secure use of our roads and other sundry crimes.

Culled from Vanguard

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